And Now.......The Boring Stuff

Please read and complete the forms to make a booking 

Minster Mobile Bars Ltd is committed to providing your bar services in accordance with our terms and conditions. The receipt of this form and your deposit or booking fee will constitute a contract under the law in England and Wales.




Date of event:




Type of event: Birthday – Wedding – Corporate – other - please say:








Numbers of guests attending: Over 18 Under 18 (please see our minimum booking requirements):




Clients full name(s):



Clients full address:




Clients contact number:




Clients Email:




Your nominated contact during the event (This could be someone other than the client ):




Nominated contacts mobile number:





Venue Name and FULL address of the venue including postcode: :






Venue phone number and contact name:



Clients signature:


Print name:






What is the earliest time we can arrive to unload at the venue:




What time do you expect the first guests to start arriving at the venue:




(To avoid disruption we need to be in location and set up before your first guests arrive.



Our set up timings differ depending on the size of the event. However, our full bar requires an absolute minimum of four hours to set up.By booking Minster Mobile Bars Ltd, you agree to the bar being open from the arrival of your first guest and for the duration of your event or if the bar doesn’t open until later into your event an hourly charge will be made for each member of staff on site)




Time you want the bar to close:




What time do we need to vacate the venue:




(De rig timings are approximately two and a half hours, if the access is good. Minster Mobile Bars Ltd will not be responsible for any costs incurred by the client if our de rig time overruns, due to poor access or any other factors.)




Dry hire, timings are often under two hours.






Do you require:






RE-USABLE PLASTIC GLASS YES / NO (charges applicable for lost or broken glassware)







(real glassware will be hired and charged to the customer from a 3rd party company and you we will required to adhere to their terms and conditions ie. deposits /breakage costs)






( ie. personalised bar frontage : beermats : bar runners etc. can be quoted for and will be subject to availability. If required must be paid for prior to the event)


Clients signature:


Print name:




2 All special orders, discount offers, free drinks and any other special arrangements made over the phone or in meetings must be written on this page by the client, otherwise it will be presumed that you no longer require those offers and they will not be provided.


All drinks being provided by you or a third party (caterer etc) must be listed here, this includes alcoholic wedding favours.

















Minster Mobile Bars Ltd will act on behalf of the client in all discussions and licence applications with the Council and venue.


Minster Mobile Bars Mobile Bars Ltd cannot guarantee that a licence and/or opening times required will be granted as the final decision rests with the local licensing authorities. If a licence is refused, all fees minus the licence application fee of £21 will be returned.



Due to health and safety concerns, especially at marquee events on public or farm land, many venues will not allow glass to be used. Please be sure to confirm this with the venue.


We strongly advise clients not to use glass at events on public land or on farm land as glasses can be lost and broken causing injury to animals or people at a later date.

Minster Mobile Bars Ltd will accept no responsibility should such an injury occur, when the client has requested to use glass.

If the client requires “glass”/ re-usable plastic glasses . We reserve the right to serve drinks in disposable plastic glasses once the glassware has run out.




Should you wish to cancel your booking, 90 days’ notice is required for a full refund of your deposit or booking fee.

Any cancellation under 90 days will result in the deposit or booking fee being lost.

If a licence for your event has already been applied and paid for, the cost of this will be deducted from your deposit or booking fee if/when returned.

Minster Mobile Bars Mobile Bars Ltd does not accept any liability for any failure to provide our services which is due to circumstances beyond our control, such as extreme weather conditions, vehicle road traffic collision/breakdown, fire alarm evacuation, electricity or water failure or an “act of God”.

Minster Mobile Bars Ltd does not accept any liability for a shortage of staff due to the failure of third party (agency staff) failing to turn up.










Any speciality drinks that have been requested by the client outside of our published price list, (such as Cask Ale) must be paid for 28 days prior to the event unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Cask ale cannot be sold on after the event and any remaining ale must be paid for by the client. We charge cost price, not sale price and you get to keep the remaining ale.

If welcome drinks are ordered through Minster Mobile Bars Ltd , we are happy to have these pre poured and arranged on a dressed table for your guests arrival. Unfortunately, we do not provide any kind of waiter service.

Toast drinks and table wine ordered through Minster Mobile Bars Ltd are to be handed to either a client representative or the caterer on arrival at the venue.

Minster Mobile Bars Ltd do not have the facilities to chill down table wine and toast drinks or have the staff to serve table wine and toast drinks.

We are sorry but due to staff numbers, we do not place pre ordered glass or drinks onto tables, or provide a waiter service.




We often get asked for tap water and people seem a little confused by the law, we hope that this helps. NEW LEGISLATION – ‘The 2014 order’ which forms part of the licensing act 2003, states Free tap water should be provided on request to customers, “where it is reasonably available.” As a mobile bar, we do not have plumbing or taps and therefore it is not “reasonably available.”

We are happy to provide guests with a glass to help themselves to tap water in other areas of the building but we do not permit staff to leave the bar to fetch tap water.

Where the event is being held in a marquee, in a field, miles from anywhere, with no plumbing or taps, again, it is not “reasonably available.”

As always, water will be available to purchase at the bar.




If the event is taking place in a marquee, in winter, the client must provide suitable heating and lighting. Failure to provide suitable heating and lighting may result in a refusal to provide bar services with no refund of the deposit or booking fee.

Minster Mobile Bars Ltd reserve the right to dress their staff to suit the weather conditions.

We have a duty of care to our staff and in extreme weather (hot or cold) we will dress our staff in appropriate clothing, this may include smart shorts or a cold weather fleece.





Many people seem to think that it is ok, especially at a wedding, to allow underage drinking.

We have had many occasions where a parent has tried to purchase alcohol for their child but this is not permitted under any circumstances.


Your venue, no matter where it is, will require a licence.

If the venue has no licence, we will apply for one.

Once the venue is licenced, the same rules apply, that apply to any pub or club. As with all licensed premises (pubs clubs etc) Minster Mobile Bars Ltd Bars Ltd operates under The Licensing Act 2003 and we operate a “think 21” policy.

No alcohol will be sold to anyone under the age of 18. All guests that appear to be UNDER 21 WILL REQUIRE A PHOTO ID.

Guests that appear to be under 18 and can not prove otherwise will be refused service.

PLEASE DO NOT – ATTEMPT TO BUY ALCOHOL FOR UNDER 18’S - IT IS AN OFFENCE TO BUY ALCOHOL FOR A PERSON UNDER THE AGE OF 18. IT IS AN OFFENCE FOR US TO SUPPLY ALCOHOL TO AN ADULT IF WE BELIEVE THAT IT WILL BE SUPPLIED TO A PERSON UNDER 18. Service will be refused if we believe a person is buying alcohol for under 18s. Any person that we believe to be under 18 who is seen consuming alcohol, will have that alcohol removed from them, unless they can prove that they are over 18.

To avoid embarrassment, please inform your guests that PHOTO ID WILL BE REQUIRED.


Guests are NOT permitted to bring their own alcohol to the event under any circumstances. If someone is caught drinking their own alcohol at the event, any deposit that has been paid will be lost.

Example: A person turns up with a hip flask or a bottle of vodka or beers purchased from a Supermarket.

Minster Mobile Bars Ltd reserves the right to refuse service if we feel a guest is drunk.

Threatening and/or abusive behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances and may result in the closure of the bar and total withdrawal of services with no refund.

Any physical attack on a member of staff will result in the bar closing immediately, without refund and the police being called. In all instances, if a member of staff is attacked, a statement of complaint will be made to the Police and a criminal conviction pursued.









The size of vehicle used to transport your bar will depend on the size of your function. In most cases we use a Luton and/or transit van or a 7.5 ton Lorry.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that there is adequate access and parking on the day of the event, as well as suitable unloading and loading facilities at the venue.

Our equipment is very heavy and the ground from the van to the venue must be concrete, tarmac or hard standing.

We cannot push our equipment through deep gravel or mud. If on the day of the event, the venue is found to be in an undeclared, remote venue with access that is unsuitable or impossible for our vehicle to access (with or without causing damage) we may refuse to provide our service with a full loss of deposit or booking fee.

It is the clients’ responsibility to ensure that building access is suitable for us to get our equipment through and into the venue and room that you want the bar located.

Please see our measurements below: All measurements are in millimetres. If we arrive at the venue and our equipment does not fit through the door, we will be unable to provide your bar. This is the client’s responsibility.





We will not, under any circumstances, park or unload in any area where our vehicles may be towed away, locked in, clamped or be given an endorsable penalty.

We require an absolute minimum of four and a half hours to set up. Where access to the venue is difficult, it may take longer to set up and break down but the more time we can be given the better.

We require an absolute minimum of two and a half hours from the bar closing to dismantle and vacate the venue, if access is good.

Dismantling of the bar and vacating the venue can only take place when the room is clear enough for it to be safe.

If you would rather us return the next day to dismantle and remove the equipment a dismantle and collection cost will be incurred by the client paid prior to the event costs dependent on distance travelled.


Minster Mobile Bars Ltd will not be responsible for any cost incurred by the client as a result of any delay in vacating the venue due to the room not being clear of guests in time or other time delaying factors.

If a parking space is not available and we have to park illegally, the client will be responsible for payment of any parking fines.

Throughout the event, our vehicle needs to be parked as close to the venue/marquee/room as possible to allow us to re stock the bar as the event goes on and to give us somewhere to dispose of our rubbish and dirty glasses








Due to the size and weight of our equipment, we must be able to park next to the building or marquee where the event is being held and we must have good safe access to the room that you wish the bar to be set up in. It is not acceptable to expect us to carry large, heavy equipment long distances (across fields or several hundred yards down a street) and up fire escape steps! If we turn up to a venue and access for the vehicle is unsuitable (In the middle of 100 acre field and a foot deep in mud) or access for staff carrying equipment is assessed to be dangerous (up a steep fire escape), we reserve the right to refuse to provide a service and there will be no refund.




Minster Mobile Bars Ltd takes all reasonable care when setting up the bar; however, we cannot be held responsible for the following:

Scratches on the venue floor

Drink spillages during service or by guests.

Any damage caused by guests and any perceived damage that was caused whilst carrying out normal bartender duties.

If your event is in a marquee, you should ensure that the floor is protected against dirt whilst contractors are setting up.

We cannot unload a lorry full of equipment into a marquee with a cream carpet without the carpet getting dirty, so please ensure that the area where the equipment is brought in, as well as the area for the setup, is protected!

Where the venue requires the floor to be protected underneath the bar, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the floor is covered prior to our arrival for set up.

All clients are reminded that they are responsible for their guest’s actions.

Where a guest damages Minster Mobile Bars Ltd property, the client will be held responsible for the cost of fixing or replacing the item, as the manufacturer sees fit.

Any deposit will be retained until the bill is paid and issue resolved.

Where damage to Minster Mobile Bars Ltd property exceeds the cost of the deposit, a bill for the remaining amount will be presented to the client and payment will be due within 30 days.

Any failure to settle this bill will be challenged in a small claims court.





Where a venue does not provide rubbish disposal facilities, Minster Mobile Bars Ltd regret that they can only remove rubbish that is generated and collected behind the bar and does not include items (Such as beer bottles & plastic glasses) that have gone across the bar.

Glass collection can only be carried out when service at the bar allows. If service at the bar is busy, the serving of guests and running of the bar takes priority.

Staff do not clear rubbish, empty beer bottles etc.

Staff clear and collect glasses only.

Minster Mobile Bars Ltd can provide a member of staff to clear tables and this is charged at a rate of £11 per hour.

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all rubbish is disposed of.





Minster Mobile Bars Ltd operate the latest card machine supplied by elavon. We accept APPLE PAY and most major credit and debit cards (Except American Express); however, being a mobile bar, our card machine requires a strong mobile phone signal. If this is not available, cards cannot be used.

Please ensure that your guests are aware of this so that they can have plenty of cash for the duration of the event.

We do not offer credit, and will not run a tab for anyone other than the client.




Our deposit IS NOT a hidden charge and we do not want to withhold it.

However, we offer an exceptional bar package that is free to hire and have terms and conditions in place, to protect our limited income opportunities.

To avoid embarrassment, please make sure that your guests are aware of these terms and conditions.

If someone is seen drinking their own alcohol at the event, any deposit that has been paid will be lost. Example: A person turns up with a bottle of vodka/beers purchased from a Supermarket. If the alcohol is not surrendered, the bar may remain closed and Minster Mobile Bars Ltd reserve the right to vacate the venue. If you are giving alcohol to guests as a gift, we ask that it’s not to be consumed at the event or the deposit will be lost.

On the day of your event, we allow a maximum number of ten adults under your quoted guest numbers.

This is to allow for last minute cancellations on the day.

If the numbers attending on the day are more than ten adults under your quoted number, the client will forfeit their deposit.

This is to account for lost sales.

If a member of staff is assaulted, the deposit will be lost, the bar will close and the Police will be called.

If the number of welcome drinks, toast drinks or table wine provided, exceeds that declared on booking, the deposit will be lost.

We do not permit remaining welcome drinks, to be consumed at the wedding breakfast or corporate dinner.

EXAMPLE: You provide 100 bottles of lager as a welcome drink but only 40 are consumed. We do not allow for the remaining 60 to be placed within the function room for people to help themselves during the wedding breakfast, unless the welcome drinks, toast drinks and table wines were purchased through Minster Mobile Bars Ltd.









Please ensure that your brief to your caterer does not breach or contradict our terms & conditions.

EXAMPLE: You brief the caterer to remove the table drinks at 7pm when the bar is closing at 10pm, leaving only 3 hours of clear service.

Minster Mobile Bars Ltd will be the sole supplier of all drinks during the last four (4) hours of the event, or if the guests are having a meal,

from the completion of the desert, whichever comes first.

The client or their representative (caterer) is to ensure that: ALL OPEN AND UNOPENED ALCOHOL (TABLE WINES ETC) ON THE GUESTS TABLES IS REMOVED TO ALLOW Minster Mobile Bars Ltd TO BE THE SOLE SUPPLIER OF ALL DRINKS DURING THE LAST FOUR (4) HOURS OF THE EVENT. (This does not include glasses or bottles relating to toast drinks)


The client or their representative (caterer) is to ensure that: ALL OPEN AND UNOPENED ALCOHOL (TABLE WINES ETC) ON THE GUESTS TABLES IS REMOVED IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE DESERT, WHILST THE DESERT PLATES ARE BEING REMOVED. THIS WILL ALLOW Minster Mobile Bars Ltd TO BE THE SOLE SUPPLIER OF ALL DRINKS FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE EVENT. (This does not include glasses or bottles relating to toast drinks) WHICHEVER COMES FIRST In the event that the caterer is unable or unwilling to remove the bottles, Minster Mobile Bars Ltd staff will remove them.

Prior to removal, Minster Mobile Bars Ltd staff will hand out a card to each table, informing the guests that the table wine is about to be removed and asking guests to charge their glasses. PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THE TIMINGS ON THE DAY TO ALLOW FOR THE BAR TO BE THE SOLE SUPPLIER OF ALL DRINKS FOR AT LEAST 4 HOURS.

We will not remove glasses containing drinks, only bottles. We will not remove toast drinks.



If you would like the alcohol to remain on the tables, we are happy to agree to this, however, this will incur a charge of £3.80 per person, payable prior to the event. If your welcome drinks, table wine and toast drinks were purchased from Blue Frog, they can remain on the tables for the duration of the event. You can also bring any remaining welcome drinks through to the wedding breakfast.





THE SIGNATORY UNDERSTANDS THAT From time to time we may be required to update these terms and conditions.

By signing these terms and conditions, you agree to abide by any amendments that may be required to be added at any time between now and your event.

I understand that the bar will be open from the arrival of the first guest and will remain open for the duration of the event.

I understand and agree that Minster Mobile Bars Ltd will be the sole supplier of all drinks during the last four (4) hours of the event or from the completion of the desert (whichever comes first) and I have/will inform my caterer that all open and unopened table wine (Or other drinks provided for guests during the wedding breakfast/corporate dinner, such as buckets of beer) are to be removed to comply with this term.

This will NOT include drinks required for the speech toasts.

I understand that a failure to comply with the above terms and conditions will result in a loss of deposit and may result in the bar closing until the drinks are removed.

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.